Eco-LogoUrinal Odour Control – Nu-Smell PlusTM

Now we clean around the urinal. Not many people know that the smells in men’s washrooms do not only come from inside the urinal, but from the floors and walls around it as well.

Clean these areas by using Nu-Smell PlusTM

  • Use the product as is through a spray bottle
  • After cleaning the area, spray (in a fine spray) the Nu-Smell Plus onto the surface around the urinal (floor and wall) and leave it to do its job.


  • eliminates odours caused by urine and faecal matter
  • Leaves an active flora that eliminates bad odours long after the product has been applied
  • Leaves a long lasting fresh fragrance
  • Has a long lasting effect
  • Is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Ph Neutral